Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Best Environment for Children

Where do you think is the best environment for children to grow up? Everybody knows how important the environment is in influencing one's characteristics and behaviors. There is a famous saying in China that "Human being is like a slice of shirt; you can dye it into many colors whatever you like." I truly believe that human beings also are in their teen ages are clean and pure in their minds. The sentence has implied that human beings are easily influenced by others. Because of this, we should choose a correct place to live which not only for our own but the next generation. In my opinion, the best environment for children is in Victoria, Canada. Parents should have a liberal way to educate their children. Children who are in this kind of family will be provided them the best chance to grow up.

Victoria is a town with a harbor, which is near Vancouver, one of the big cities in Canada is the best environment for children to grow up in. We could also consider it as a separate town and village in another way. Nature has been the best teacher in the world. The best way for children to gain their knowledge is from our nature, instead of TV programs or Wikipedia. Living in the countryside provides the variety of opportunities to contact nature naturally. Children will have their questions and find the solutions from nature, the mentor of everyone. Also, the harbor receives the latest information, compared to the other towns and villages. In addition, Victoria is near Vancouver, so children won't narrow down their visions by living in the small town. They will also get the chance to go to the city and learn other kinds of knowledge which tend to be more civilized.

Compared to other cultures, Canada is more open minded to accept other races and cultures. It will help children to learn others' culture and build up their own social identity at the same time. We've heard the word "globalization " all the time recently. To let kids realize and understand the different culture is just as important as teaching them twenty-six letters of the alphabet in English. Being in the country which has many kinds of races, they are more likely to accept them since they were in their childhood. Seeing is believing. It will be good to see other religions, holidays and customs. No one can doubt that how much the environment can influence one, especially in his early age. Observing the information and gaining the knowledge are the foundations of having better characteristics.

A Liberal family which has two to three kids will be best for children to grow up in. In my opinion, parents have the responsibility to educate their own children in their own way. However, a liberal family will make their children grow up happily. Parents should not limit children's thought and behavior in their own way. What they think may not be correct at all times. Children could select what they would like to learn and enjoy besides the general studying. I can't agree with people who only want to have one child, not only because of the decrease of the birth rate, but also because their child needs someone to be with to accompany. The lecture from teachers or parents will never replace wisdom gained from siblings and peers.

Some people may argue that parents should have the domination toward their own family; however, apparently it's not appropriate to control one's mind and behaviors because they are older. Children should learn how do they discipline their behaviors. Parents and the other elders could give them the suggestion, which it might be useful because they are more experienced than the younger. But, time changes. The old rules could be the best answer; however, it's not right to deny other options that could lead them to the correct way. Although things will be more complicated and hard, this is what they choose and they deserve to suffer or enjoy their own lives.

For these reasons, Victoria, Canada, is the best environment for children to grow up in. The town with a harbor and near the city gives children the opportunities to get close to our natural environment and understand modernization in both ways. Canada is one of the best countries that provides many cultures that children could become aware of. A liberal family will let children grow up happily. There is nothing more important than having happy lives in their childhood memories. All in all, Victoria Canada is the best environment for children to grow up in.

by Ellen

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